Loving that Exposed Tarte!

Lip stains are a great alternative for lipsticks and lip gloss. They are long wearing and there is no flaking or peeling. They are also great if you’re going for a more natural look. Best of all lip stains are definitely boyfriend approved (less transfer and more kisses).

I have always been a faithful fan of lipstains however due to the limited colour selection combined with the poor quality of drug store lip stains. I have not found what I was looking for until my recent trip to New York.

I love matte lip colours, so I picked up the Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint in the shade ‘Exposed’. It is the most moisturising matte lip product that I have ever tried. It glides on perfectly and gives a natural looking finish. The pigmentation is quite impressive for a lip stain/tint. They are also infused with peppermint and as a result, it’s quite refreshing to apply. The shade is the perfect nude shade that complements any neutral eye makeup.

However the bad news is that, Tarte is a little bit difficult to get in Australia. I think your best bet is online through Amazon or Ebay. They cost about $24US, which is about the price of an average lipstick in Australia. If you manage to get your hands on these lip tints be sure you get some backups. They are also available in Luster and a Sheer finish.


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