Skincare 101: Back to Basics

The key to a good skincare routine is to keep it as simple as possible. As long as you have a super simple routine that is quick and easy, you’re more likely to stick to it.

Everyday: Cleanse & Moisturise (Morning and Night)
Every Other Day: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise.

These steps are the foundation to your skincare routine. And from here you can start customizing products and adding extra steps if needed.

Cleanser is a Cleanser, Cleanser does not mean soap.
It’s a little obvious but please do not use soap on your face, body soap/hand soap, are for your body and your hands. Not to mention bar soap has a myriad of nasty germs still left on them. Bar soap will not make friends with your face.

Don’t use too many different products.
I don’t really believe in switching up skin products everyday. Sometime using too many products and ‘shock’ your skin causing you to break out.

Try to keep the actual products you use as ‘simple’ as possible.
Okay, I know we like our skincare products to smell super yummy.. and it’s nice to use those products once in a while. A cleanser is a cleanser, it doesn’t need ‘bells and whistles’, extra scents and other gimmicks just mean that there are more chemical to break you out. So, if you can, try to stay away from scented cleansers & moisturisers.

Routine is a Routine.
Everyday baby! Routine! Every night before you go to bed like clockwork. Consistency is key. If you want good skin you need to be committed to it, good skin doesn’t come easy.  The build up of sweat, oils and dirt on your face will stay there and do more damage the longer you leave it there. Sweat, oil, dirt.. ick, just writing those three words make me want to go wash my face again….

Sunscreen is your friend
The sun is not your friend. Use sunscreen when you can to prevent sun damage. Especially in Australia, you’ll have to make sure it has a high UV (about 30+) for every day use. Use Sunscreen specifically for your face (try to choose one with moisturiser), it has a thinner consistency which will absorb into your skin quickly, it also makes a good base for your makeup. I tend to go for the ‘sensitive skin’ formulas, I find they blend better into my makeup.

Alrighty, that was your crash course in basic skincare. Hope you enjoyed and stayed awake during the class!


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