5 Quick Tips To Get Your Red Lipstick To Last!

Welcome to Red Lipstick 101!

Get ready for some instant Glamour! Here are some quick tips to get your perfect Red Pout to last!

1.Prep: Gently remove dry skin from lips with a old toothbrush/ lip scrub then moisturize your lips.

2Line it up: Use a red lip liner to line your lips to prevent feathering. When you’re done fill in your lips with the liner, that creates a base for extra staying power.

3Brush it on: Apply your lipstick with a brush. Brushes allow for even coverage and brushes get reach the tight places that lipsticks sometimes miss.

4.Blot it out: Blot your lipstick this prevents lipstick excess lipstick from moving around to places it doesn’t belong, like your teeth! 

5. Power to the Powder: Using a Tissue, gently dust a tiny bit of finishing powder over your lips, (personally I don’t think this makes too much of a difference so you can skip this if you’re in a rush)

Optional: For Definite Definition: To get that bit extra definition you can use concealer on an small angled brush to create a clean outline around your lips.

And one extra one because I like you!

Having a problem with your lipstick drying out your lips? (I DID! it was the bane of my existence until I thought of this nifty idea)

The Secret Weapon: After blotting your lipstick, use a brush to apply some Vitamin E Oil! Don’t use a lot, just half a drop to keep a matte-ish finish, if you want a glossy finish feel free to use more!
Try to keep it in the centre of your lips, especially on the cupid’s bow. This helps to make your pout look bigger!

That’s it for Red Lipstick 101!

Do you have any tips for lipstick staying power?


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