These Pork Rolls Kick Sandwiches In The Face!

Vietnamese Pork Roll carts are in every bread shop and corner shop in Cabramatta.  If you’re not a local, it’s hard to distinguish the good from the GREAT.

KK Bakery is the local favourite for Pork Rolls. It’s probably the best/worst kept secret in Cabramatta.

What makes these Pork Rolls better than the rest?

It’s all in the Bread! Baked to perfection. Golden crust on the outside, and light and soft  on the inside. The right balance of crunch and softness. There is nothing more satisfying than that first bite into one of these bad boys, try one and tell me I’m wrong.

These Pork Rolls will set you back about $3.50 -$4.00, which is slightly more than your average Pork Roll in Sydney but it’s still a relatively cheap eat that will satisfy the most hungry of  beasts. They do have a ‘menu’ but in my opinion you only really have two options; Banh Mi Thit (Pork Roll) or Banh Mi Ga (Chicken Roll).(Side note: When I order the Chicken Roll I usually skip the tamarind sauce. Personally, I find the flavour slightly overwhelming)

The place will get a bit busy, but the service is quick. There’s not exactly a line, so service isn’t necessarily on a  ‘first come first serve basis’ but more like ‘whoever makes eye contact with the service lady first’ basis.

Getting there
KK Bakery is tucked away in the myriad of small arcades long the main street, so getting there might be an adventure for the novices of the streets on Cabramatta.

The address is 2/85 John St, Cabramatta. (And here is my poor attempt of giving directions)

KK Bakery is located on the right side of the street (it’s a one way street). Head down John Street (away from the train station/the same direction as traffic). Once you have passed the newly opened Subway (which is on the left side of the road). Keep an eye out for a store called 5 Sao Diamond (or 5 Star Diamond). Turn left into it that arcade . KK bakery is about halfway down directly opposite the Yummi desert place.

The arcade should look like this..







  I would apologise for not taking pictures of the Pork Roll itself, but I’m not really sorry at all …  I was super really hungry =D

Besides this ain’t no Food Blog!

Where is your favourite Pork Roll Place in Sydney?

And more importantly,  how helpful were my directions?


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