Food Pho Thought…

For those who don’t have a loving Vietnamese Mother to cook Pho. There’s always the famous Pho An in Bankstown. However, for those who don’t know, there also exists the infamous Pho Ann… What?

Yup. You heard me Pho Ann

Rumour has it that the owner of Pho Ann used to work at the famous Pho An. Something happened and she/he went to open their own store ‘Pho Ann’.  I’m not sure if there was some sort of legal battle with copy right or anything, but really … check out the logo, suspiciously similar don’t you think?

The Pho is cheaper here, it’s about $8.50 for a bowl compared to $13 a bowl at Pho An ( – and roughly $3 on the streets of Saigon…u mad bro?).

I will admit, I do not have the most sophisticated taste palette, however this Pho definitely hit the spot. It’s not quite as good as Pho An, but if you ask me, it’s pretty darn close ( -p.s. taste some of the tea and be pleasantly surprised).

Getting there
If you happen to be in the area, the address is 10-12/70-72 John Street, Cabramatta, 2166. Pho Ann is tucked away in an alley in-between the new Subway and Tan Ky Restaurant. It’s about half way down the alley way.  It should look like this…

So, if you’re in the area and hankering for some Pho, head over to Pho An and tell me how you think it compares to Pho An.

……  Or you could always acquire a loving Vietnamese Mother to cook you some Pho, tell me how that goes 🙂


7 thoughts on “Food Pho Thought…

  1. Well, since I haven’t been able to find a Vietnamese Mother on eBay, I’ve been looking around the area I live for different Pho places too. I found this one as the best so far, though I haven’t searched too many places yet. It’s only like $6.50 for a freakin’ HUGE bowl and it’s so good and tasty in my mouth. I was wondering if you knew about different types of pho, since I’m sort of a pho n00b. Like what type of meat is the best, generally? All I’ve gotten is like brisket in mine, which has been really tasty, but I want to try other things, though I don’t want to waste the little money I have on food I won’t actually enjoy. >_<

    • It’s really down to your preference.. There are two types of Pho, Chicken (Pho Ga) or Beef (Pho Bo). The most popular is the Beef, but I don’t mind a Pho Ga everyone now and then.

      Pho Bo (Beef), which you can request two versions:
      Pho Bo Tai (raw beef), the beef is served raw, but don’t worry, the soup is so hot it cooks the beef. This is what makes the beef so juicy and tender
      Pho Bo Chin, where the beef is cooked.
      YOu can also get Pho Tai-Chin which is half raw and half cooked beef.

      Then, there are many different versions of Pho you can order, depending on your preference.
      You can also order variations it’s like adding ‘extras’ depending on the menu. Pho Dac Biet is the ‘special pho’, which is kinda like a when you order a burger ‘with the lot’. It is served in a big bowl, with tendon and tripe (probably not for the Pho n00b).

      I would suggest maybe try starting off with Pho Bo Vien, Which is normal pho with Beef Balls added.

      I can ramble more but it’s going to be super long and boring so i might save it for a blog post.

      My advice is just experiment and have fun with different types of Pho and unfortunately, you don’t know what you’re going to like unless you try it. And it’s a bit of a gamble really.

      Good luck! and I hope your gamble wins out at the end:)

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