The Chronicles of a not so IronChef: Dinosaur Brownies!

On a random kmart shopping adventure, my man bought me this…

Then I thought..

I’m pretty sure that it’s cupcake mold. However, I don’t think anything soft can get out of these moulds intact. And due to my chronic fear of culinary failure (which happens more often than not), I decided to make brownies instead…..Why? Because if the dinosaurs didn’t turn out well (or if at all), I would have deformed brownies which would soften the harsh sting of failure. But really who can be upset when you have brownies? They could solve world conflicts!

This is my THIRD attempt at making brownies (the first attempt were burnt and the second attempt were too crumbly, I turned them into Rumballs, thanks to Chef John). I got this particular recipe of a friend of mine, who has the most infamous reputation of baking the most bad ass brownies in all the land. I’m sure that any brownie recipe will work.

(TIP: Be sure you chill the brownies in the fridge before taking them out of the mould and obviously GREASE the living daylights out of the mould.)

The Result?

My Reaction?

Everyone Else?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
I want to know….. What was the most awesome/strangest thing you’ve baked?


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