Broke Girls Guide: DIY Unii Palette

I’ve had my eye on the Unii Palette for quite sometime. But honestly, I just can’t justify paying $38 just to store the makeup that I don’t need/use/really should not own. Other alternatives include, Z palettes but they look cheap and same as the Do-it-yourself CD/DVD makeup palettes, which look as trashy as the combined cast of the Jersey Shore.

Soooo…. Here’s my Broke Girls Guide alternative! I hope you like it!

The Depotting 

There are plenty of depotting tutorials on Youtube but for your convenience, I’ve attached two of the most popular methods below because you’re probably as lazy as I am:

  • Courtesy of frmheadtotoe: Without using Heat here
  • Courtest of Pertilude: Using Heat here 

The Palette

This method is cheap and easy (just like the cast of Jersey Shore), but you might need to buy the magnets from a dollar store/craft store, (it’s funny because the Jersey Shore aren’t attractive… Get it? … Magnets … attract.. ah nevermind). {insert awkward silence/pity laughter/lame chuckle here}  

You will need:

– Makeup (depotted)
-Metal pencil case
-Rubbing alcohol
-Super Glue or Hot Glue

1. Carefully depot your makeup with chosen method.

2. Use the rubbing alcohol to clean off the excess glue.

3. Glue magnets using your preferred adhesive.

4. Bask in the glory of your ingenuity.


Uni Palette: $ 29
Shipping: $ 9 (to Australia)

Total= $38.00


Pencil Case: $ 0
Glue: $ 2
Magnets: $ 2

Total= $ 4.00 

Being Awesome when you’re broke: PRICELESS 

What is the most awesome thing you’ve done/made while you were broke??


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