Converse Gorillaz Launch at Luxe Studios

Last Thursday, I headed down to the Converse Gorillaz Launch with my friend Adeline. It was at Luxe Studios, Darlinghurst. It was quite a hip soirée, packed with more cool kids than an Apple product launch.

Pretty canapés & Hip Party People 

Oh! We met Rochelle Fox there! She is SO PRETTY!

Adeline making nice with Rochelle Fox

The new Gorillaz line is quite understated and super cool. A definite must have for the die-hard Gorillaz fan. However, you must beware, you’re going to have a hard time deciding on which design you buy. The Gorillaz line is available today from the Converse Site.

Buy ALL the Shoes!!! 

After party, we had an after party. Our mission was to have a drink at every bar we walked past on the way back to the city. First, we hit Shady Pines Saloon (one of my favourite bars), then we headed to the Colombian. Before I knew it we were in a cab to Scary Canary, which is of course we all know is Adeline’s most frequented bars.

Adeline and I getting up to some mischief. 

Have you heard the new track yet? I am such a fan of the 3D Gorillaz! The CGI looks amazing!!

Thanks to Sweaty Betty for throwing a fabulous party!



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