Lip Crayon Lust Featuring Diggity Dupes!

This is my product review and dupe comparison for lip crayons!
Hells yeah! Two posts for the price of one!

You should also know that I have a weakness for nudes.

What is a Lip Crayon?

It’s what would happen if a lip stick and a lip balm had a baby that looked like a big-ass lip liner. You can get it in various textures/finishes anything from sheer, matte and glossy.


Why would you want to get one? 
It’s great for natural looking makeup and for people who just don’t like wearing lipstick (i.e yours truly.). In addition the majority of the shades don’t have a glittery/shimmer finish.

Here are the three that I’ve tried.

Face Of Australia Lip Crayon $14.95 (for three pack)
Shade: Sundae
Texture: Sheer (SUPER SHEER)
3 available shades

 Why you should  buy it

  • It’s cheap and you get three colours in the pack.
  • Has the most amount of product, contains 3.8g
  • Sheer finish, it feels like a lip balmgreat for a super natural look
  • Not tested on Animals
 Why you shouldn’t buy it

  • Super Sheer, if you’re looking for a super pigmented product give this one a miss
  • It’s not long wearing. Reapplying is a bitch.
  • Bulky packing, it’s bigger than the average lipstick
  • Cannot be sharpened
  • Cheap imitation vanilla scent. (I dont’ like it)
  • If you only want the ONE colour, you cannot buy it individually.

Did I regret buying?
Not really, I mean it’s great for the price. But I really don’t like the scent. Finish is a bit too sheer for my liking.

Would I repurchase?
No. I’m pretty sure I will not get through all three products. And really not a fan of the scent.

Missha Soft Crayon $12.50
Shade: BE01
Texture: Opaque
5 available shades

 Why you should buy it

  • Super soft, glides on effortlessly.
  • Comes with sharpener
  • Opaque shiny/glossy finish, very much like a lipstick.
  • Pleasant scent ( berry?)
  • Moisturising
  • Most pigmented (compared to other two)
  • Slim packaging
  • Not tested on Animals
 Why you shouldn’t buy it

  • Looks too much like a lipstick
  • Does not ‘stain’ the lips
  • Looks natural, but not as natural as the other two
  • Might be hard to find, if you don’t know where to look

Do I regret buying?
Initially yes, because it felt too much like a lipstick. But once blotted and blended it was great. I love pairing it with a nude lip liner.

Would I repurchase?
Yes. I like the slim packaging, and I love the shade and formula, it’s not too drying.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint $24.00
Shade: Exposed
Texture: Matte
6 available matte shades (6 Luster shades, 7 Sheer shades)

Why you should buy it

  • Matte, glides on well
  • Hydrating for a matte formula, does not dry out lips
  • Refreshing peppermint scent
  • Long lasting
  • Not tested on Animals
Why you shouldn’t buy it

  • Impossible to buy in Australia (seriously, even online is difficult)
  • Most expensive compared to the other two
  • Bulky packing
  • Cannot be sharpened

Would I repurchase?Do I regret buying?
Nope. This is still my favourite lip product. Regret not buying the more shades!

Yes. I’m a whore for matte lips, however most formulas are too drying for my lips. I would definitely repurchase once I figure out a way how.

Do lip crayons tickle your fancy?
What is your favourite lip finish Matte, Glossy or Sheer? 

BONUS MINI RANT: For those who are still with me!
Of course, there are high-end lip crayons available on the Australian Market but the prices are too damn high!  Let me break it down for you..

Clinque Chubby Stick: Australia $35.00 v.s. USA $16.00
Nars Velvet Lip Crayon: Australia $39.00 v.s. USA $24.00
Revlon Lip Butter: Australia $21.95 v.s. USA $7.50  

Same product, and the currency would be roughly the same converted.
In conclusion, stuff is expensive in Sydney. But it’s the price you pay for living in one of the best cities in the world, (nationalism for the win)
But in the end still the prices are…


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