Sneaky Sydney Quickie: Jack’s Hive

Jack’s Hive is a Über cool pop-up bar in Sydney to launch Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey. To get an invite, you had to be ‘on the list’ (i.e. you had to ‘know someone’ who ‘knows someone’).  I know, super pretentious, but still kinda cool.


Jack’s Hive was the brain child of the clever people at AZB Creative .  It was a ‘somewhat’ exclusive honey themed pop-up event to promote the launch of  Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. Tennessee Honey is a honey infused whiskey. If you love honey, this is the drink for you. This drink would work great in cocktails but it is a bit too sweet for my liking.


It was a well organized event, with great music and a fun atmosphere. It was not as ‘hipstery’ as I initially thought, good time were had all round. I sincerely apologize for the poor photography, low light is a nOOb photographer’s worst enemy and the drinking did not help the cause…

What flavour whiskey would you love to see next?


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